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Join Me On This Journey


Are you a husband, a father or a businessman and you’re wondering if there’s more or what’s next.

Have you ever wished there was something, anything, that spoke directly to you and that answered the questions,

“Am I OK?” 

“Am I headed in the right direction?” 

“Do I measure up?”

I did my entire life, especially as it applied to being a man.  And I knew of no source to answer any of my questions. So, I went searching…for many years.  And a lot of my search involved uncovering my deepest fears and emotions, but I was committed and never gave up. Still, I wished there was something or someone I could go to with these driving questions.

Which is why I decided to write the book, “The Wolf That Wins.” I simply wanted to show men they are not alone…that they have exactly what is takes and are part of a brotherhood that has always been here. I wrote the book I needed to read as a teenager and younger man.

Join me on this blog journey as I share what I’ve learned and everything that’s been shared with me, from shamans to world famous thought leaders who understand things about life that we all need to know in order to live the most fulfilled life possible!

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