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Going All In

I’ve noticed a pattern and tendency in my life: there is a wedge between holding back and going all in.  In some instances, I’m looking

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The Wounded Warrior

The wounded warrior goes at life alone, striving to overcome adversaries by himself.  He is driven by the unconscious need to prove himself and to

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Driven by Being Liked

Throughout my childhood and adult years (until my early 40s), I was driven mostly by one thing:  being liked.  I noticed that I would always

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Fueled by Commitment

How often have you failed to attain something, and then blamed someone or certain circumstances for falling short?  We all do it.  Recently, I was

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Unapparent Thoughts

Thoughts and feelings flow through us from sources that are not always apparent.  We all have very common core beliefs, many of which are not

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Drivers of Emotion

Ever notice at times how unhappy you are because of this person or that thing?   “If they would only do X, then I wouldn’t feel

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Failure to Launch

I’ve been hearing a lot about these “failure to launch” kids: teens and young adults who are not stepping into the adult phase of life. 

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The Source of Love

An elephant will stand still, believing it is trapped, when a rope tethers it loosely to a stake in the ground.  It can easily pull

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The Decision to Serve

Who I become in life has been primarily driven by one thing: my decision to serve someone or something.  As a father, I fully took on

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Expectations of Ethics

Ever assume that those around you have the same ethical views you do, only to be disappointed and maybe even hurt when they don’t?  Yeah. 

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The Wolf That Wins

The one man’s journey to Manhood

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