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In all this talk about spirituality and awareness and self-mastery not enough attention is given to the necessity of play.

Yes, play!

Look at nature.

All animals do what they do merely for the fun of it. Play an essential part of life. Plus, it’s a great balance to overactive minds that we all experience at times. You can’t be in your head when you’re playing or laughing. In fact, it’s the opposite of that. When you play you release the mind, and god know we all need that!

Energetically, darkness can’t occupy the same space and time as light.  Play is a way to create light energy, light.

Here’s the way to test whether play is right for us:  it makes us smile or laugh!

It could be anything.  Ice cream.  Fishing.  Watching a funny movie.  Whatever.

Now here’s the trick:  doing it.  Write down five things you do or want to do that make you smile or laugh. Next, do at least one of them every day, but start with just one thing a week.

No one is gonna do this for you.  No one is coming to save you and bring you happiness.  Go get it!

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