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Before You Start Thinking..


Before you start thinking I’m some famous or uniquely qualified or special guy, I have to assure you I am not!  How many times have you seen someone whose podcast or book or blog touched you and you said,

“Oh I could never do that. I’m nothing special to do something like that.”

Guess what…neither am I!  It’s true.  I have not served in the special forces.  I am not a billionaire.  I haven’t survived cancer or brought water to those who need it most.

There are amazing books by amazing people and they inspire and fascinate us.  The trouble is we don’t think we measure up and so we don’t step up as much as we can.  We criticize ourselves and hold ourselves down.

But it’s based on a lie that’s embedded in self judgment.  Even without these extraordinary tests and experiences, we were made for greatness.  We were made to stand up and step up.  Like every part of life itself.  And there is no special qualification at all.

If you feel there might be more, that you might be more, excellent!  Then join me and everyone else pushing and striving to find it, their greatness, what they’re made of and made for!

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