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Blending Our Masculine And Feminine Energies


We live in a world and at a time where the energetically feminine nature of love and the masculine nature of love is confusing and in conflict.

As a parent, we understand young children need a lot of the energetically feminine type of love because our best gift to a child is a sense that they live in a safe and loving world.  So, we nurture them.

As our children grow, our parenting shifts to the question of what they will need to live in this world.  Our response is to engender accountability and responsibility and our tools tend to be more of a masculine nature. We teach personal responsibility and help them develop a code of what’s we can call integrity. It is not a nurturing or feminine type of energy, but it is love nonetheless.

We teach and practice classically energetic feminine love like acceptance and forgiveness. We also teach and practice a classically energetic masculine type of love that encompasses things we can call courage.  In the context of parenting, it can look like monitoring our children’s use of computers and phones and nosing into private aspects of their lives for the purpose of ensuring their safety, setting clear limits to help them grow into adults who know how to live independently in this world.

On a macro level, we express conflict, saying one type of love is “good” and another is “bad.”  We say forgiving the attacker of innocents is good, but swiftly ending his or her ability to attack is bad. It’s a confusion about the nature of love and about the nature of “feminine” and “masculine” energy. And it’s a classic judgment of perceptual states. One is rooted more in Eagle/Condor—what could or should be.  The other is rooted in Amaru/Serpent, where we see what is without judgment and simply deal with it.

Our current public focus on the abuse of “masculine” power is absolutely “right,” in the sense that humans (not just shamans) have a deep responsibility to life itself and hence must do whatever is needed to help other humans feel and be safe.  But taken beyond that, it gets generalized to judgments about “men” or “women.”  And therein lies our mind, our mental tendency to generalize, simplify and differentiate.  Which itself is at the root of all violence.

The evolution of human beings, from a purely Eagle/Condor perspective, lies in our willingness to embrace our own fullness. Our ability to live for ourselves and one another is tied to our ability to embrace all aspects of ourselves, including both “masculine” and “feminine,” and the courage to choose love (in all its forms) every time.

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