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Fueled by Commitment


How often have you failed to attain something, and then blamed someone or certain circumstances for falling short?  We all do it.  Recently, I was hoping to be hired by a new client, but he decided not to hire us.  Oh well.  It’s his decision and his loss.  However, when I looked closely, I realized I didn’t fully address his needs (he was afraid and didn’t understand why what he wanted would cost so much).  I fell short.

Or, I may have had a financial goal of earning $X.  I didn’t meet it because (1) I didn’t have enough work, or (2) I had unexpected expenses, or (3) the economy took a dive.

Here’s what I see now that I’ve lived long enough to connect the dots:  in probably every instance where I’ve fallen short, it’s because of one thing:  I wasn’t 100% committed to it.  I didn’t really go after it.  I got distracted.  I didn’t give it all I had.  I made an excuse.  When I fall short, it’s nearly always because I don’t insist on success and doing whatever it takes to get there!

So I’ve learned (and am still learning) to ask two questions at the beginning and throughout any goal:

1.      What will it take to ensure I attain this objective?
2.      What’s in the way of attaining it that I will get rid of right now?

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