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Going All In

I’ve noticed a pattern and tendency in my life: there is a wedge between holding back and going all in.  In some instances, I’m looking at the finish line and letting up.  In other cases, I’m frustrated by a challenge, and I let up, thinking “maybe this isn’t right”, or even “maybe I should stop.”  I let up in work, my health, my relationships, finances, everything!  I vacillate and send mixed messages to life—”I’m in….well maybe not.”

When I stay committed and keep coming back into something, the outcomes exceed my expectations!  This commitment to the mission and action, learning everything I can along the way, seems to be the winning formula.

I’ve noticed this relationship between outcomes and commitment.  That the greater the outcome, the greater the commitment and vice versa (also, the vacillation).  I suppose I wouldn’t have seen one without the other!

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