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How Can I View This That Can Have Me Feeling Stronger?


Our entire experience in life emanates from one thing: how we interpret things.

How we see what were focused on drives both how we feel and what we create in every moment.

Because we are completely responsible for how we interpret each moment (and no one can do it for another person), always ask two questions:

How can I view this that can have me feeling strong, excited, grateful or happy?   If you can’t find it, ask a close friend or two; and then ask,
How can I bring love to myself or others right now?

We will always be challenged in our minds because that is how it is with us.  We have been experiencing the same thought patterns we don’t enjoy for many years.  We are just experiencing these thoughts (and why doesn’t matter) and believing them.

But we can always make new thought patterns that override old ones we no longer enjoy.  That just takes repetition and commitment; like any kind of work out.

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