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Human Energy: Masculine & Feminine

masculine and Feminine Energy

When I speak about men and women, I realize I’m speaking about different types of energy since there are men with a lot of feminine energy and women with a lot of masculine energy.  One of the difficulties I’ve experienced in intimate relationships has come from my inability or unwillingness to see things energetically instead of personally.  When i began to learn how the two energies are different, it helped me navigate relationships.

When it was pointed out to me that women are essentially prey, their expanded awareness and multitasking, relationship-managing routines make sense to me.  When I understood better the single pointed focus of masculine energy (focusing on what to kill, protect or mate with), it helped me understand why my wife was bothered by all the chatter several tables away in the restaurant when and I couldn’t hear a thing and thought “What’s wrong with her?” 

When I saw something about the more feminine nature of love (like a parent with a child) versus the more masculine nature of love (like raising a teenager), it helped me parent my kids and also see the cultural conflict and confusion between men and women.

I’ve noticed how men unconsciously try to get women to be like them and that women do the same thing.  “If only my husband knew what he was feeling all the time and shared that with me.”  “If only my wife made more sense.”  I understand how frightening “difference” can be, and I’ve come to believe that our lack of acceptance of one another is born out of fear and not any hard-hearted-ness.

Seeing the difference between masculine energy and feminine energy helps me appreciate understand and myself and others.


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