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Inspired to be Human

self acceptance

So much of what I see in the area of “inspiring” podcast and presentations are based on one dominant model—“the “Businessman.”  And while I love them, they can feel burdensome after a while.  I’ve walked away from some of them saying to myself “What the fuck.  This guy is a billionaire meeting with the Dalai Lama at age 22!  I need to end this charade of a life I’m living.  I didn’t even show up!”

The whole “accomplishing” thing is great when it’s purposeful and passion filled.  I assume we all want to feel we have a mission in this Life.  But not all of it is about what we do (or have).  In fact, as lot of it is about how we feel, including the ability to feel happy and fulfilled in something like “stillness.”

The pathway to learning how to feel fulfilled has a ton to do with living with human minds.  There are so many things that we’re drawn to that are positioned to help us live with our human minds—yoga, counseling, inspirational seminars, meditation, being more physically active.  And in my view that’s the first step and also a fundamental part of living this life for the duration of our lives!

My vote is to rip the curtain open on what each of us struggles with, to expose it, all of it, so we can appreciate it, learn from it, live with it happily.  And accept and appreciate that that “tension” is at the core of a human life.  That alone is enough.

We aren’t gonna “cure” our struggles with more money, a new business or an inhumanly great relationship. We’re going to cure them by understanding them, loving them (and everyone) with the very same struggles.  We’re gonna cure em by not curing em.  A business with a compelling mission, a relationship with tremendous value (all with worldly and human qualities) are then reasons to dive into life with even more abandon.

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