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One of the things I’ve come to learn that has changed the game for me is that we’re all sort of like batteries. We have to know what charges us and then do that…regularly!  Otherwise, we run low and have the usual signs and signals or being depleted.

For me, the early signs are feeling resentful and angry.  In trying times, when the winds of life are blowing around me, I double down on the basics:  food, water, sleep, exercise, and anything fun!  These things sustain me.  For me, food means mostly real food (heavy on the protein), enough water means at least half gallon a day, and getting sleep means 7-8 hours.  Really!  I get bed early and then pop out early.

Someone once asked me whether I eat to live or live to eat.  I live to eat, since I don’t bother with anything I don’t really enjoy.  That includes an Acai bowl nearly every week!  I always say: all things in moderation, including moderation!

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