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Stagnation Or Momentum


Ever notice how you sometimes lie there in bed right after waking up, ruminating on the same sort of thoughts?

  • I have so much to do today
  • I’m so overwhelmed
  • I have to do “x” and I don’t feel like doing it…

Whatever your thoughts may be, there is a habitual thought pattern, and your mind looks for it every morning.  And you create this emotional state of something that feels like stagnation, immobility.  Because our thoughts create our emotions and emotions will either produce stagnation or momentum.

The mechanics of this are an essential part of how we are human and how we move in the world.  We essentially hypnotize ourselves, and we do it many times between waking and sleeping.

Ask yourself:

  • How’s that going?
  • Is it working for you?
  • Do you enjoy it?

If you don’t like or enjoy it, here’s something that works every time:

1.      Move!  Get right up after you wake up.  Get out of your self-hypnosis posture!  Move continuously for at least 30 minutes.  Walk, do some yoga or CrossFit, or whatever, but do not allow your body to create the self-hypnosis posture it’s become accustomed to.

2.      Look for one thing to FEEL grateful about and one thing to FEEL excited about.  Repeat that at least three times.

Shamans told me the greatest power we have as human is the power of perception.  But I certainly didn’t understand when I started learning this that I am the one who gets to choose it in every moment.  I’m still learning this every day!

Author – Jeffrey L. Cohen – The Shaman Lawyer

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