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The Shifting of Financial Fear

Overcoming Fear of Not Having Enough Money

One of the issues I’ve been bothered by in my life has to do with a fear of not having enough money. I express this anxiety through worrying about what stuff costs, denying myself and loved ones purchases of things because of the cost, and not having enough to be able to stop working (even though I love what I do). When speaking about this with a dear friend this morning, I noticed something interesting: those thoughts and feelings really haven’t been around for months (or longer).

So I wondered out loud: what happened to change that? I noticed that my attention and efforts over the past year or so have been so focused on what I’m engaged in, what I’m creating, the value I’m delivering, and the excitement of all of it. This made me realize that those thoughts and feelings about not having enough are always accessible— all I need to do is to uplink to them. When I listen to another “radio station” of thoughts, I get a totally different outcome.

I really appreciate the financial fear that pops up every now and then because it causes me to ask questions that often need to be asked. However, the realization of my choice of focus is powerful, because I know how to (a) mine the useful part of those fearful thoughts, (b) shift the fearful state, and (c) go to work on a passionate mission.

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