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The Wounded Warrior

The wounded warrior goes at life alone, striving to overcome adversaries by himself.  He is driven by the unconscious need to prove himself and to prove he deserves love.  In that way, he is chasing love— a love which is always out of reach because, by definition, it is constantly sought after.  Over time, he is wounded by the search, by the battles.  These scars are visible signs of his worth.  “Look at me,” they say.  “See how strong, brave, and lovable I am.”   He doesn’t seek help, because it’s a sign of weakness and will undermine the validation he seeks by going it alone against the odds.

The spiritual warrior, however, serves love and is not out to become anything or to be recognized.  He no longer searches for love, and instead serves it.  His journey becomes one of seeing how filled up with love he can become.  There is no need for struggle or scars or visibility.  He is simply loving.  He collaborates with those similarly purposed.  Where there is struggle, he creates peace and humor.

The wounded warrior is driven by the need for love, while the spiritual warrior is already loved and enjoyably serves it to others.    We all know both because we are human.  The one we feed is the one that thrives the most.


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Christy Thomas

Christy Thomas

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