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What Would Happen If We Told A Different Story?


One of the stories I’m enjoying telling is this:

“Each year, I’ve experienced a dip in business in January and sometimes February.”

I’ve told myself and my staff,

“Well, the reason for that is [stuff outside our control]. So, let’s just prepare for it.”

I spoke with my COO a couple months ago and heard myself start to tell that story. And in the midst of it, I said,

“Hey, this is bullshit.  I wonder what would happen if we told a different story, like ‘Our business picks up in a serious way every January and February.’”

Guess what:  The new story is unfolding before our eyes!  You can’t make this shit up!  Which makes me wonder what other crappy stories I’m making up and then making true.

And now it’s pretty clear to me that what I do/we do is this:  We make up a story that is negative, then create a person or circumstance to blame for it. We believe we are victims of something or someone. And then accept the outcome of the story—that we made up!

But, what would happen if we told a different story???

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Christy Thomas

Christy Thomas

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